When you acknowledge the simple fact that you are the Master creator of your life and when you allow your Inner Joy (that is the life source for your mind and body) emanate sufficiently, your life changes significantly by blessing you with many benefits.


You really change yourself from an ‘unconscious slave and sheep’ to an ‘aware free master’.

你真的由一个 ’无觉知的奴隶及羔羊’转变为 ’有觉知的自由的主人’。

In order to make that happen, you need to introduce the right programs into your instinct, in other words, you need to use the techniques from visualization. Focusing on that image of yourself is done by repeatedly speaking it out. An easy and pleasant way is to sing. Sing as often as possible, so that you bring the desired result soon.


You can listen and watch how people use so-called ‘instinct programming’ in order to change their life for their own benefit.

你可以听一听,看一看,人们是如何使用所谓的 ‘本能的编程’ 来把他们的生命转变到利好的方向的。

Songs by 白蓝 Bailan

1. 天意

2. 自然的人

3. 问爱是什么


Song by 詩燕 Siyin

Song by Rhine

Song by ChanFongFong

Song by Cannie

Song by Wings

Video by 巫小茶 Wu Xiaocha

Video by 清泉 Qingquan

Video by 清泉 Qingquan at Nankun

Video by 清泉 Qingquan and 巫小茶 Wu Xiaocha at Nankun

Video by seminar participants at Nankun

Video by 李元傑 Matrix Li (English)

Video by 李元傑 Matrix Li (Chinese)

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Video by [innerjoyvideo02]

Video by [innerjoyvideo03]

Video by [innerjoyvideo04]

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The „innerjoyvideo” means that either I do not know the name of those who performed or they do not want me to publish it. If it is you and you decide to publish your (pseudo)name, please, let me know.


If you have a song or video of this kind, please, send it to me for publication here.


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